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The most feature‑rich simulation tool 🖥

Create mobile-ready, HTML5-based, SCORM-compliant simulations that are compatible with Storyline, Captivate, Lectora and virtually every other e-learning authoring tool. We emphasize simplicity and speed of production by automating and streamlining the most boring tasks that an e-learning author may face. New features are released on a weekly basis entirely free of charge.

Browser‑based Editor

Simple and user-friendly simulation editor that you can use on any device anywhere.

Built‑in Image Library

Dozens of characters, emotions and environments are included with your tool.

Review & Collaborate

Stop wasting time on sending scripts and uploading test files. We offer a powerful real-time reviewing platform that will save you time and keep your experts happy.

Mobile‑ready out of the box

Your learners will easily access content on any device and you don't have to do anything for this to happen.

Real‑time analytics

Our Insights™ system collects and interprets a lot of data on how your learners behave within scenarios so you can build better training.

Transform your classroom

Make your classroom more engaging and productive by adding digital roleplays. We provide a simple, mobile, data-driven platform that your learners will enjoy.

Attach files, images and videos

Leverage your existing training materials by including them in scenarios. Forget external links - your learners will access everything right within the simulation.

Versatile scoring

From simply adding points to outcomes to complex multi-scale scores.

Free‑text replies

Make your learners think even harder by asking them open-ended questions that they have to type


Make your characters talk by adding voice-over both to character phrases and learner choices.

Embed everywhere

From e-learning authoring tools (think Storyline or Captivate) to MOOCs to webpages - our scenarios will become an integral part of your training.

SCORM 1.2 and 2004

We support all flavors of SCORM to report completions, points and other data to your LMS.

xAPI / TinCan

Ready for next‑gen? We send detailed data to your LRS so you can get a deep insight into your learner behaviour inside a scenario.

Single Sign‑On

You don't have to maintain separate BranchTrack accounts and passwords. Instead, we can connect to your company's centralized authentication solution.

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