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Engage your audience with digital scenarios and collect actionable data using our world's first online platform for digital sims.

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BranchTrack methodology and software help these global businesses train their employees in innovative ways:

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We provide a full spectre of services and software to move your training to the new technological frontier. Our software is incredibly simple to use and our advice is always helpful and on point.

Digital sims authoring tool

Create digital sims with a simple, stress‑free online tool. No design or technical skills required. Embed in your favorite authoring tools and LMS.

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Mobile‑ready game‑based platform

Spend your time in class wisely. Replace traditional role-play with digital sims with a touch of a button. Give points, collect data.

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Simulation know‑how

We will teach you to design best-in-class sims, consult you on all aspects of scenario-driven storytelling or simply develop content for you.

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Toolkit 🛠️ that brings value

Enough with boring page‑turners! Immerse your learners into realistic scenarios, simulate their work processes, challenge their critical thinking. And save tons of time and money, because you can build sims yourself, at a fraction of a vendor's cost.

BranchTrack Editor™

Build sims yourself at a fraction of a typical third‑party cost and time in a user‑friendly online editor.

Our sims editor is simple yet powerful. It requires no technical or design skills to produce amazing scenarios that work on any device. It supports collaboration and strives to save your time and nerves on every step of the way. It is extremely reliable and our helpful support is just a click away.

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BranchTrack Player™

Pilots rely on simulation for safety and performance. So should you!

Bridge the gap between learning and performance with realistic scenarios. Our scenarios will work on any platform from desktop to mobile phone and do not even require an internet connection. You can include screenshots, documents, videos and voice-over as well as assign points and track learner behavior.

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BranchTrack Classes™

Roleplay in the classroom seems like a good idea until you realize how much time and effort it requires.

Digital sims provide higher learning impact yet take less time to setup and run. Learners will be happy to compete on a level playing field. Facilitators will be happy to get real-time actionable data and spend more time giving feedback.

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BranchTrack Insights™

Real-time analytics help you uncover learner behaviours, provide better feedback, and imrpove your training content

Go beyond the basic SCORM reporting of other tools. BranchTrack offers at-a-glance analytics of every granular choice that your learners make. Use it to uncover hidden behaviors, make your scenarios more challenging, and achieve better training results - rooted in hard data.

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BranchTrack Collaboration™

Bring experts, designers, developers, and sponsors together, effortlessly.

Forget the vicious cycle of "publish, upload, review, update, publish again". Invite colleagues to play-test and review your scenarios in a safe online environment. See their comments and suggestions in real-time, fix them on the fly and get a sign-off much faster.

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Branchtrack scenarios work with the leading e‑learning authoring tools and can be embedded into majority of LMS software that are on the market.

Our customers are smitten 🤩

We blend experience from bespoke e‑learning production, high‑load web development and business consulting. We speak your language and we are always available for a call.

  • It lets learners experience the consequences of their mistakes instead of spelling it out.
    Hedwig Schlötjes-Belle,
    E-learning Designer, owner of E-learning Made Easy
  • Thanks guys, I LOVE your product. It is fun to use and very helpful.
    Naomi Kelsey,
    Instructional Designer
  • Probably the easiest, most intuitive tool I’ve used to design eLearning interactions!
    Christian Desario,
    Sr. Training Specialist
  • By far the easiest way to design scenarios that make people think.
    Cathy Moore,
    Instructional Designer
  • Once you have the script ready, it literally takes minutes to create a simulation
    Alla Stankevich,
    Head of E-learning Dept., "Azbuka Vkusa" supermarkets
  • The client likes the interactive flowchart layout. And we all agree that it’s easy to use.
    Chris Karel,
    Instructional Designer at Cinecraft Productions
  • You definitely saved me time and sanity as I work on complex projects.
    Charissa Stowers,
    Training Lead at
  • Your learning materials will be enjoyable and memorable…
    The holy grail in elearning!
    Kevin Maye,
    Product Development Manager for Tinder Foundation
  • This tool is just fantastic for creating quick and simple online learning scenarios. Enjoy using it for my work!
    Teresa Oh,
    Instructional Designer